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Etwas über Stephen K Heyes und Bujinkan

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11. September 2017 um 17:40


Kürzlich wurde ich gefragt wie das mit Stephan K Heyes und dem Bujinkan ist.
Soke hat ihn vor vielen Jahren aus dem Bujinkan geworfen, aus dem Grund weil er unloyales Verhalten an den Tag legte.
Dazu hat Phillip Legare kürzlich etwas geschrieben:
Oh and speaking of Hayes, I was at the old hombu a number of years ago when Soke took his name tablet off the right side rank board. He gave it to me and said, Hayes I don’t know him anymore, tell everyone he no longer has rank in the Buj. Then he told me to write a letter to Hayes telling him this and then he put Hayes’s name tab in the tea drawer.
Well, this didn’t settle well with Hayes. He road me a letter stating the world loves him more than they do Soke and this will be the end of the bujinkan if i didn’t put his name back on the rank board asap. He then write Soke a letter stating this must be a mistake and he was coming back to Japan to sort it out with Soke. Well it’s been about 8 years since that happened and he hasn’t shown up yet. He sent Soke a letter last year asking for a private lesson. Soke asked me what he should done? I thought a minute on it and then said, charge him san ju man yen. We all laughed and laughed about than. Then we had a discussion about what used to be Hayes annual pilgrimage to hombu. He always brings 20-30 students with him. Yeah he never brings any of them to hombu with him. Soke was really angered by this. Soke then said, he will charge him Y300,000 for a private lesson, but I will be his uke. Soke told me to crush him. Soke had told me numerous times if Hayes ever comes into hombu again, i am to crush him. Soke must have told him that price because Hayes never showed up last year. This year, he recently wrote Soke about coming over for training. We shall see if he comes alone again to hombu. I still have orders to crush him. I just hope my back pain is fixed by then.

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