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Bujin – lithics

von Jürgen 24. Juli 2010

In his Sanmyaku Bujinkan Densho Hatsumi Sensei listed several types of students that came to him to ask for instruction. There is a type of bujin that seems to have been born out of a lack of training, of ‘poor’ instruction and the desire to use, in disharmony, body, mind and spirit, i.e., all the contrary of what the Soke teaches. The Soke teaches that first and the most important is the training; then come constancy and perseverance, where it is determined whether the bujin is capable to overcome the obstacles of learning and progression. Then, he teaches that beyond the techniques lies kyojitsu and he’d close, for today, this circle by saying that his discovery, being a hefty budoka, was that happiness is essential and that’s why he gives so much priority to the writings on happiness that his master, Takamatsu Sensei, gave him.

To sum up, we have five principles:

  1. Training
  2. Constancy and perseverance
  3. Kyojitsu
  4. Happiness
  5. The next generations

I’ve added this last principle because it is very important in giving continuity to the experience. Thus through training persevering over any obstacle on the path, using kyojitsu adequately and understanding that it possesses “everything”, we obtain happiness, not only for ourselves, but for the future generations.
In the ties of budó

Pedro Fleitas González, Unryu

(Thanks to Dr. David Palau for his translation)